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"I am the Emperor's Wrath, unleashed by his Hand, and the Emperor has marked you as enemies."

Legacy: Vathraki featuring the Stormblaze crew.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS! I am active on the Ebon Hawk server and in GMT +0.


…annnnnnnnd, destroying myself over Jarenik feels and his past lovelife.

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Nerdy Ritual Dance.
Nerdy Ritual Dance.
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Blergh, I’m tempted to rage quit the stronghold thing and just go back to worrying about endgame gears. xD

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errantlight replied to your post: errantlight replied to your post: What…

E/W rooms upstairs? Should be able to change the floor layout. I’ve got beds up there.

Except that I wanted to put the bed against the wall, to how I envision the rooms. Rather than in the middle. XD

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errantlight replied to your post: What do you mean I can’t use the luxur…

Which stronghold?

Coruscant / Kaas. It’s the only stronghold I can afford on preferred.

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What do you mean I can’t use the luxury bed in the East/West rooms????

*does not approve*

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karanan replied to your post: I’m aware that I’m mostly active on Im…

I feel that. My pub guild is tiny and nobody is hardly ever online. I don’t even have a 55 there yet >.> still love my pub babies though!

It’s kind of distressing really. When I want to do dailies on lvl 55 or run fps on a lowbie, I kind of gotten sick of soloing them. Urgh.
I still need to work on gearing my Stormblaze toons before doing Makeb and Forged Alliance. DX (I’m also scared of Vanguard tanking and refuse to tank with randoms).
Not to mention my guild is completely dead. >_>

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I’m aware that I’m mostly active on Impside because most people usually play on the Imperial faction. So, I’ve been… neglecting my Pubside toons for a long time.

I have four main characters on Pubside; three are lvl 55… working on getting the last one to lvl 55. I’ve been relying on both Siavash and Jazzeira on comms farming to get endgame gears for my toons. DX

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Most triva ways of Jarenik’s bad influences to the younger Vathrakis:

  • He give a lot of romance / sex advices to Arisxandra in a typical manner, but rather not so blunt. Any sex advices Jarenik gives cause Arisxandra to go red (blushing very hard) and Jarenik caught on that.
  • He taught Neriskha his signature smirk when she was younger. Neriskha still inherits his signature smirk during the present day.
  • He’ll put other Sith dads to shame. Therefore, embarrassing Nyxlene with his ‘hot dad' thing. Nyxlene was not impressed.
  • Besides the ‘hot dad’, he, also, pulls the ‘hot uncle' thing onto Selvimos and reminded him that frowning is not going to attract anyone 24/7.
  • He suggests to Kai’skevi to consider getting nipple piercings… as if he’s encouraging her to get more piercings. (Since Jarenik also has more piercings than anyone thought.)
  • Everyone lost count of how many times and ways that Jarenik’s bad influences have an impact on his daughter, nieces and nephew. He regrets nothing.
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